Todd Underwood

My name is Todd Underwood. I have been in music professionally for over 35 years and been a musician, audio engineer, producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, audio producer, and composer. I have had my own audio studio in continuous operation since 1984. For 30 years I have composed performed and recorded music for and been featured on countless television programs and videos and won many awards including a Telly Award. I have worked with just about every mainstream genre of music and played with, for and recorded countless big bands and solo artists over the years.

I love helping you take your music to the next level and enabling your music to be all that it can and should be. I can help you with your mixing, mastering, and production to achieve the results you dream of. Let me help make your audio dreams a reality; Let me help you take your music to the next level. I am here to serve you! How can I help?