Looking to make your mix elicit that emotional response from your audience and move them? Looking for clarity, punch, depth, height, width? When you choose someone to mix your music you are not just choosing the equipment they use. You are also choosing the mixing engineer. You are choosing their experience and expertise. I have been mixing audio for over 35 years and use the best of both digital and analog gear. Let me help you achieve your vision by starting with learning about you, your music and your goals. With that, I will capture what you envision and more to reach your listeners.


Ready to put the finishing touches on your mix? Increase the size and space of your songs? Enhance the depth and width and add balance and consistency to your album? Maybe even add some analog warmth? Prepare your songs for online streaming services? I have been mastering audio for over 35 years and have a full-service analog and digital mastering studio. Let me use my experience to finalize your songs or album to the most professional standards possible.


I provide both audio and music production services. In addition to being an audio engineer, I am also a professional musician and solo artist playing guitar, bass and drums and singing lead and harmony with many releases over the past 35 years. Let me help take your songs to the next level. Whether it is vocal arrangements, harmonies, guitar, bass or drum parts, I can help you with your sounds, parts, arrangements, composition, overall aural aesthetics, song selection and more. Let me help you take your music to the next level!